The Biggest Don’ts when Buying a Used Car

Used car sales typically peak during the summer months. Although you may be raring to own a used car in time for an upcoming road trip this summer, you would do well to avoid certain pitfalls a lot of car buyers commit.

Confusing shopping with buying. In a nutshell, shopping begins when you set aside some time to research everything about prospective vehicles and test drive various cars that catch your attention. Buying, on the other hand, begins the moment you have decided what car you want to purchase and consequently let the dealer know you’re ready to buy it. Continue reading “The Biggest Don’ts when Buying a Used Car”


Why Teens Would Love the Subaru Legacy

If your teenager is old enough to drive, and you’re planning to buy him/her a car for an upcoming birthday, consider the Subaru Legacy. Whether you buy a used or a new vehicle, the Legacy model won’t disappoint. It is highly rated and acclaimed for its safety for teens by institutions like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Teens would even love the Subaru Legacy over other mid-sized sedans for the following reasons.

The Cool Factor

Unlike other drab sedans merely built for function, Subaru made sure they designed the Legacy for utmost visual impact, and the look of the latest version (2015) is the most appealing of all. Aside from a sporty yet chic exterior shell, its cabin is quite roomy and modern (and well-equipped with state-of-the-art infotainment features), which can make you eager to take peers and family for a ride. The quiet yet capable engine may be tame compared to other cars, but it comes with Subaru’s premier all-wheel drive system. Continue reading “Why Teens Would Love the Subaru Legacy”

Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

Planning on buying a car? You should know that once you own one, you will need to subject it to regular maintenance to keep the vehicle in tiptop condition always. Be it brand new or used, a car must undergo both checkups and servicing at specific intervals, with the regularity depending upon the vehicle’s degree of use.

Some vehicle experts will say that light vehicle use makes it all right to hold off maintenance as late as 7,000 kilometers off your odometer. Then again, you are bound to hear differing opinions as to the proper schedule to have your vehicle serviced. For light vehicle use, a good tip to follow is to strike a good balance between your car manufacturer’s recommended schedule and a trusted mechanic’s opinion. Continue reading “Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind”

Used Car Loans—Two Things Lenders Ask from You

Most car buyers won’t be able to pay for a car in cash and upfront, that’s why they apply for a car loan that allows them to pay for the car purchase in staggered, smaller amounts. They can choose to apply for a car loan through lending institutions like banks and credit companies, and even directly from car dealerships. To ensure that your car loan is sound with respect to your credit, value, income, and general borrowing character, lenders will usually require you to provide several documents, including:

Proofs of Residence and Earnings

To get a car loan, you will need to show your lender two to three proofs of residence. You might also need to provide your social security number and fill out a form for credit and background checks. Lenders will also want proof of your earnings, so you will need to fill out forms and submit requirements for that as well. Continue reading “Used Car Loans—Two Things Lenders Ask from You”

Minivan Pros and Cons

The minivan is an ideal vehicle type for those who want a mode of transportation that serves a wide variety of purposes. Bigger than a car but smaller than an average van, the minivan is extremely family-friendly because of the ample space for both passengers and light cargo. With some models, the seats can even be removed, rotated, or lowered to allow for more storage space

If you’re thinking about buying a minivan, consider a few things before finalizing your purchase—you need to know how the vehicle’s prominent features will serve you personally. As with other vehicle types, these features will serve different owners in different ways.


Can hold a large group of people—seven to nine passengers can be seated comfortably in a minivan.

Considered one the safest light vehicle on the road.

In the event of a crash, bumper-to-bumper contact with other vehicles are minimal because of the low ride.


Moderate to poor gas mileage.

Moderate to poor maneuverability.

Driver comfort can be an issue.

To test if the minivan is the right vehicle for you, make sure to test drive the vehicle before purchase. And don’t fixate on just one model—try three to four minivans and weigh the pros and cons of each. Your friendly car dealership will only be happy to oblige.

New or Used? Buying Cars from Leading Car Dealerships in Covington, LA

86% of Americans believe that a car is a necessity. Most start driving in their teenage years, and so by the time they reach adulthood, they are already more or less no stranger to the entire deal of selling their old car to get a new one.
When deciding to buy a car from leading car dealerships in Covington, LA, you’ll have to answer a question: buy a new car or a used car? Well, the answer isn’t that simple.–la.htm

The Important Steps and Tips in Purchasing Used Cars in New Orleans

Buying a used car is one good option if you need or want a car, but are on a relatively tight budget. However, you might have some fears or doubts because you’ve heard stories of people buying used cars that end up more trouble than they’re worth. While such are indeed a regretful experience, there are also many people who have bought used cars and found great value. You can totally avoid a bad buy, provided you take the necessary care in choosing a used car.

Edmunds, an established resource of automotive-related information, published a guide in buying a used car. The steps go like this: establish your budget, build a used car target list, check reviews and prices, locate used cars that are for sale within or near your area, acquire and examine the vehicle history report, call the seller, take the car for a test-drive, have a pre-purchase inspection, negotiate for the best deal, and conclude the deal.