Man’s Best Friend is Safer in a Subaru

There’s nothing a dog lover wouldn’t do for his favorite pet. Canine devotees recently celebrated the 10th National Dog Day last August 26. To mark the occasion, a popular automobile resource publication put together a list of dog-friendly cars based on standards provided by dog owners, and the Subaru Outback topped the list.

The Subaru Outback fulfilled the following criteria for the win: Continue reading “Man’s Best Friend is Safer in a Subaru”


New Orleans Subaru Dealers Tout the Outback as Worthy Off-Road Rival

The 2015 Outback is now available at trusted dealers of Subaru near New Orleans and other areas, such as Baldwin Subaru in Covington. You can choose from four variants: the standard 2.5i, the 2.5i Premium (with a moonroof and GPS navigation), the 2.5i Limited (with keyless access), and the 3.6R Limited (with a 3.6-liter flat-six engine with 256 horsepower).

Sometimes, the most exciting part of any road trip is the journey. The Outback will get you there efficiently, safely, and as comfortably as you can get driving over rough terrain. Test drive one from New Orleans Subaru dealerships and others, like Covington’s Baldwin Subaru.

Buying Used Cars in Baton Rouge Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprints

Owning a used car can be more effective in reducing carbon footprints. For one, it saves a car from adding to environmental waste by getting junked; and for another, buying used cars limits the need for the production of new cars.

Additionally, most used cars would have already paid off their carbon debt. Even without using hybrids, driving used cars in Baton Rouge and other areas helps reduce the consumption of a significant amount of fuel needed in manufacturing new cars.

BRZ Identity Crisis

The Subaru BRZ has piqued customers trooping to reputable New Orleans, LA Subaru dealerships looking for the flashiest yet solid rides with the Stars of Pleiades on the front. For the North American market, however, Subaru joined forces with Toyota to produce the sports coupe in two flavors, the other being the Scion FR-S. If you’re a loyal Subaru rider who could be confused about which car to go for, there are ways to properly identify the BRZ.


The BRZ shines well in the handling department. The suspension in the car is made right out of the WRX STi program and helps make a smoother ride in the BRZ, while some Scion FR-S customers have reported vibrations in theirs. The “Toyobaru’s” new two-liter Boxer engine and its positioning as a rear-wheel-drive vehicle helps the BRZ become more attuned to daily driving, especially considering its curb weight of only 2,700 pounds. Continue reading “BRZ Identity Crisis”

Getting Better with a Forester

The Forester has become one of the more valuable products in Subaru’s line of vehicles. The small SUV recently had a facelift for the 2014 model year. Some sellers of used cars in Baton Rouge may steer you towards bringing home a Forester, but the verdict can still be up in the air – why buy a Forester?


The Forester, specifically the 2014 version, reaped the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s top awards because a test model put up for crash tests only got heavily damaged at the front engine compartment. The test dummies in the vehicle only reaped minimal damage due to adequate deployment of the airbags and tight seatbelts. Tests for side-impact and rollover crashes also produced good results. Continue reading “Getting Better with a Forester”

Why Your Next Car Should Be a 2015 Subaru Forester

Subaru cars are major players in today’s car industry. They have been on a roll in producing quality cars around the country. One of the company’s gems is the 2015 Subaru Forester, the newest update to the Forester franchise. If you are planning to shop on car dealerships to find one, here is a rundown of what the 2015 Subaru can offer.

  • Better Technology: The new Forester is packed with cool gadgets that improve the driving experience. It features the new EyeSight technology that increases visibility in traffic situations. It also has improved vehicle control dynamics for a more stable drive.

  • Fuel-Saver: Like all the previous entries in the Forester line, this 2015 model is also built to efficiently consume fuel up to 29 mpg. Don’t undermine its power, though—the 2015 Forester’s engine is still powerful at 170 horsepower.

  • Comfort in Your Car: The 2015 Forester is a great choice for small families or for people who put comfort first. It features a STARLINK system where users can enjoy infotainment on the car’s comfort-designed seats while having a quiet drive around town.

Guide to Buying a Subaru Car

The Subaru car brand can be considered as one of the most reliable automobile line in the market today. Car models like the Legacy, Outbreak, Impreza and Forester are the source of joy for many drivers and car enthusiasts as the unique technology they contain often result in memorable and enjoyable driving experiences. With this, it is not surprising that many would want to own at least one Subaru car model in their lifetime.

But how does one prepare to buy a brand new or used Subaru car? Here is an easy guide that car buyers can follow:

  1. Make sure you can afford it. Before going to the dealership, be sure to do your homework and have an idea on how much your ideal Subaru model would cost. Use this, then, to assess whether you can actually afford buying this car on a cash basis or on financing.

  2. Consider the maintenance and related costs. As a car owner, you need to be prepared for instances of breakdowns as such unfortunate events are part of the risks of owning a car. To minimize the cost of repairs and maintenance, a car buyer can prioritize looking at Subaru models that have easily sourced spare parts.

  3. Fuel efficiency. While many look at Subaru cars for the unique driving experience they bring, it would be practical for buyers to consider getting a Subaru model that’s known for its fuel efficiency.