Subaru’s First Automobile, the 360

Subaru introduced its first automobile in Japan in 1958, and it was called the Subaru 360. It was produced by Subaru’s parent company Fuji Heavy Industries and was nicknamed the ‘ladybug’. It would later be imported to the US in 1968.

The 360 came in four body types: a standard white sedan, the sport model, a van, and a pickup. It had an air-cooled, 2-stroke engine that displaced 356cc and was located at the rear of the car. It produced 16 horsepower and gave 66 mpg. It also featured had a monocoque frame and a fiberglass roof, which, by that era’s standards, were highly advanced. Continue reading “Subaru’s First Automobile, the 360”


Looking for Used Cars around New Orleans? Consider the Subaru Forester

Dealerships for quality used cars in New Orleans and Covington areas like Baldwin Subaru offer great deals if you want to buy or lease this impeccable SUV. Of course, you can also select the Crosstek, Outback, or other Subaru vehicles if you’re looking for more compact or larger alternatives.

Dealerships of Subaru near Baton Rouge Guide You on Good Lease Deals

Aside from being optimally safe, they are versatile, long-lasting, even stylish and fun-to-drive. Dealerships that offer a Subaru near Baton Rouge can attest how sought-after these vehicles are, so they always keep their inventory updated and complete. You might think that the quality of Subaru cars translates to hefty price tags, but in reality, they’re more affordable (typically below $30,000-40,000 new) than other brands.

Subaru in New Orleans: Bagging a Rare Catch the First Time Around

Normally, people think of the more exotic American and foreign marquees when they are asked what comes to mind upon mention of the word “sports car.” Oftentimes, acceleration and high speeds are the best attributes they want in searching for one. Still, some sports car enthusiasts just want a special steed that goes toe-to-toe with others in its weight class and handles well—one that sellers of a Subaru near New Orleans like Baldwin Subaru may be waiting for you to drive home.

Make a New Used Car Look New

Upon bringing your newly-bought pre-owned car, you certainly are itching to make some major cleanups to totally eradicate the territorial markings of the previous owner, so to speak. Below are things to check for when cleaning your new used car.

  1. Examine the steering wheel and dashboard. Replace it with a new cover if the wheel is worn already. Check the dashboard illumination; sometimes the illumination knob would turn dim without you noticing it. Clean it up so that the speedometer can be read clearly especially at night.

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Used Cars around Baton Rouge Are Full, Fashionable Fun for Everyone

The state of your finances will truly factor into looking up used cars in the Baton Rouge area that have long-lasting value. Household income data from Subaru of America (SOA) showed that, on average, Subie owners had salaries topping $100,000, while the lowest average income of users from other brands was $80,000. Wayland quoted SOA senior vice-president for sales Jeffrey Walters as saying that a marketing campaign launched in 2008 won over people who were able to buy more expensive vehicles.

Top Reasons to Buy a Crossover

Crossovers and SUVs have both been mistaken for one another. Still, the two types of vehicles are different in their own ways. For one, crossovers are based on a car’s platform, while SUVs are based on a truck’s. If you’re looking to choose between the two, here are a few reasons why you should consider the crossover.

Great looks – Aesthetics are a keen part of most crossovers today. In fact, people are so enamored by the designs of crossovers that a lot of buyers actually separate them from SUVs based on looks entirely. They’re popular because their designs closely resemble the best-looking SUVs, albeit at a more affordable price tag. Continue reading “Top Reasons to Buy a Crossover”