Simple Tips to Remember When Buying a Car

Getting the best deal for your new car not only requires careful inspection, but also strategy and the right timing. If you want to get the best deal on the market, keep these pointers in mind:

The best time to buy a car is around the end of the month where dealers are trying to meet their monthly quotas. A good technique is to inspect the dealership a week before, and try to haggle with the price of the car you want; this should be around the last two or three days of the month. You’re almost guaranteed to get better deals than if you bought a week or two earlier.

  • Don’t let them know how much you’re willing to spend. If they ask you for your price range, slash a couple thousand dollars from your budget; in this way when they show you a car outside your price range you can pretend to spend more than you’re willing, though the price was within your budget the entire time.
  • Show them that you’re willing to walk away. Even if you really like the car, keep a poker face and tell them that you’re still not sure. Once a dealer sees that you really want a car, they wouldn’t give you much leeway during negotiations.
  • Research – One of the most important step is to research the car before you make the purchase. This is why it’s advisable to start looking for options days before your actual purchase date.


Negotiating for a good price on your car can be tricky, but as long as you keep firm and filter the sales talk in your head, then you’re likely to walk out of the dealership with a big smile.


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