Car Dealerships in Baton Rouge: The Benefits of Driving Compact SUVs

Compared to standard-size vehicles, driving SUVs often meant high air resistance and considerable weight. As a result, some drivers report a dragging sensation when turning on rough terrain. In addition, because of their weight and size, older SUVs often received failing marks when it comes to fuel economy.

On the other hand, compact SUVs from Baton Rouge car dealerships are lighter and are, thus, more fuel-efficient. Drivers can effectively handle small SUVs as they would a car, making these vehicles suitable even for newbie drivers. In addition, compact SUV owners only have to worry about minimal operating costs.


New Orleans Subaru Dealers: Subaru Vehicles are the Ultimate in Safety

All of Subaru’s models come with a wide range of safety systems and features designed to keep you safe. These innovations not only help a driver avoid an accident (active safety features), they also help vehicle occupants to survive one (passive safety features). These and more are what makes Subarus the definitive vehicles to own.

Nine out of 10 Subarus sold in the last 10 years are still on the road. This attests to the car manufacturer’s commitment to exceptional engineering and outstanding safety. Visit New Orleans, LA Subaru dealers like Baldwin Subaru and experience the thrill of driving one of their vehicles today.

New Orleans Subaru: Motor Trend’s SUV of the Year, the 2014 Forester

What are you looking for in an SUV? Roominess? Power? Comfort? Reliability? The 2014 Subaru Forester has them all in spades. This vehicle boasts several advantages over its counterparts in the compact crossover utility vehicle range. Most important is the Forester’s standard all-wheel drive that comes at a lower price than its competitors. Couple that with a roomier cabin and a drastically improved EPA fuel economy and you have a car that’s definitely tough to beat.

Get to know the 2014 Subaru at a New Orleans Subaru dealer like Baldwin Motors Subaru and see for yourself what the judges of Motor Trend are raving about.

Looking for Safe Cars? Visit Trusted Subaru Dealerships in New Orleans

Most people tend to let the price tag of a vehicle determine whether or not they will buy it. Others seek out cars with stellar fuel efficiency. The question, now, is which one do you go for when buying a car?

If you view a car’s safety features as one of its most important traits, you’re in luck. Consumer Reports has recently released its top car models for 2014. WRAL North Carolina reports

Tips for Buying Used Cars from Trusted Baton Rouge Auto Sales Services

The recession greatly reduced consumers’ ability to purchase vehicles,”” says Ruiz. Unemployment and asset price declines, including for homes and stocks, cut into consumers’ incomes and savings. Consumers with poor credit (a large portion of industry customers) have been among the worst hit. Consumers with D-grade credit spent $11.0 billion at used car dealerships in 2009, a 51.7% decline from 2008.

Fortunately, relative economic stability is encouraging spending on used cars. For example, used car sales are expected to grow to 41.5 million vehicles in 2014, up 1.5% from 2013. The US economy will begin growing strongly again in 2014, and because car sales typically move with the business cycle, car sales are expected to follow suit.

The Treasure Hunt: How to Choose Used Cars for Sale in Baton Rouge

Cash-strapped buyers used to have choices in new cars for $10,000. No longer. But cheap cars are no longer as cheap, with the average new car now around $30,000 according to CNW Marketing Research. waded into the statistics and looked at models based on crash tests, safety, reliability, practicality and driveability.

Getting Deals on Used Wheels: Tips on Buying Used Cars in Slidell, LA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that on outstanding recalls, about 30 percent of owners do not take their car to a dealer for the recommended fix. And Carfax, which sells reports tracing the history of used cars, says its database with information from manufacturers shows that of used cars for sale online last year, about 3.5 million had defects subject to a recall but had not had the repair done.

To look for open recalls on a car you are considering, go to this Carfax site for a free check. Click on the brand of car involved and then enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If there is a recalled defect that has not been fixed, the site will give you a brief description