Minivan Pros and Cons

The minivan is an ideal vehicle type for those who want a mode of transportation that serves a wide variety of purposes. Bigger than a car but smaller than an average van, the minivan is extremely family-friendly because of the ample space for both passengers and light cargo. With some models, the seats can even be removed, rotated, or lowered to allow for more storage space

If you’re thinking about buying a minivan, consider a few things before finalizing your purchase—you need to know how the vehicle’s prominent features will serve you personally. As with other vehicle types, these features will serve different owners in different ways.


Can hold a large group of people—seven to nine passengers can be seated comfortably in a minivan.

Considered one the safest light vehicle on the road.

In the event of a crash, bumper-to-bumper contact with other vehicles are minimal because of the low ride.


Moderate to poor gas mileage.

Moderate to poor maneuverability.

Driver comfort can be an issue.

To test if the minivan is the right vehicle for you, make sure to test drive the vehicle before purchase. And don’t fixate on just one model—try three to four minivans and weigh the pros and cons of each. Your friendly car dealership will only be happy to oblige.


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