Buying a Used Car from a Dealership

If you are looking to buy a used car, a car dealership should be the place to go. While some dealerships would exclusively be selling brand new cars from a particular company, they would normally also carry a wide inventory of used cars for sale, with various makes and models. There are a lot of pros in buying a used car from a dealership: Continue reading “Buying a Used Car from a Dealership”


Dealers of Subaru near Gulfport, MS Keep up with Demand for Forester

The new-gen Forester was rolled out in late 2014 to dealerships around Mississippi, such as those that sell Subaru near Gulfport, MS. The updated SUV boasts superior specs and features. It has Subaru’s Symmetrical all-wheel drive, which has been tested in different conditions all over the world, such as mud, snow, and ice. It has the all-new X-Mode which, with a push of a button, allows you to take control of the engine, transmission, brakes, AWD, and other components to navigate through just about any road condition.

Most SUVs have a tall ride height, which means they have a very high center of gravity and, consequently, limited off-road maneuverability. In contrast, the Forester’s boxer engine is positioned low in the chassis, which helps its ability to handle extreme trails.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Used Cars in New Orleans: What you Must Know

With stringent research and a thorough selection process, purchasing trusty used cars in the New Orleans area and elsewhere can be as good a deal as buying a new one. While buying such cars is already well and good in itself, certified pre-owned or CPO cars offer a lot more benefits.

CPO cars are quite common at reputable dealerships like Baldwin Subaru that are known for quality used cars around New Orleans. CPO cars, among other things, have undergone a special inspection process that adhere to specific standards (often set by the cars’ manufacturer itself). These cars come from a variety of sources, including lease programs, trade-ins, and auctions.

The 2015 Outback: A Top Draw at Subaru Dealerships near Baton Rouge

When visiting reliable dealers of Subaru near Baton Rogue, one may catch a glimpse of the stylish 2015 Outback wagon, a relatively new offering on the market. Its charms, however, go way beyond its sleek looks. While the exterior packs quite a punch, it also has a lot of spunk on the inside.

Subaru’s reimagined Outback has become a hit since its launch, and it has the numbers to show for it. Indeed, the 2015 Outback is a main contributor to Subaru’s hefty sales numbers last November, with 14,128 of more than 45,000 vehicles Subaru sold being the new-gen Outback. However, the achievements for one of Subaru’s newest offerings go way past its sales numbers. It has also earned the praise of critics around the world, particularly in Canada-where it bagged yet another Best SUV award for its price category. The award was given by the AJAC (Automobile Journalists Association of Canada).

Top Reasons to Buy a Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are often associated with farm guys or outdoorsmen. But you don’t need to be any of those guys in order to experience the indispensable perks of these sturdy vehicles.

Difficult terrain, all day – Pickup trucks are one of the hardiest vehicles around as they’re almost always built with off-roading in mind. No matter what the terrain throws, a pickup truck equipped with a modern 4wd system and appropriate tires can literally take you wherever you want to go; you can go lumbering or adventuring with the truck and the trail won’t matter at all. Continue reading “Top Reasons to Buy a Pickup Truck”

Lease Options for Subaru near New Orleans Equate to Lower Monthlies

Monthly lease payments are lower than full-ownership car loans because they’re determined by the value of the car at the start and end of the lease period. To put things in perspective, say you want an SUV worth $32,000 that comes with a five-year loan at 3% APR. Without any additional payments, you’ll have to pay $575.00 every month for that SUV.

Compare that to a five-year lease for the same vehicle. By the end of the lease, that SUV will only be worth around $19,000 (given depreciation). Without any additional payments, the monthly payment will be more or less $280.42. An actual lease also takes into account the down payment, which may drive the monthly payment even lower.

Sales of New and Used Cars Near Baton Rouge Spike as Fuel Prices Drop

A Decent Compromise
SUVs like the GMC Acadia and Honda Pilot combine the passenger capacity of a van with the cargo capacity of a pickup. If you plan on taking your family of four on a trip to the bayou, complete with all your essential gear, an SUV would make the suitable vehicle. Even with an extended cab, pickups won’t be able to bring as many people for the trip.

There’s also the issue of off-road travel. SUVs are designed with backwater roads and paths in mind, especially those with four-wheel-drive capability, thanks to their elevated chassis. Not all family vans, if any, have the right stuff to traverse mud and gravel, let alone steep climbs. You don’t want to get bogged down in a bayou, that’s for sure.