Subaru Vehicles Are Best for Dog Owners

If you’re particularly fond of your pooch and you tend to bring him along for car rides, you might be one of the more than 27 million American dog owners who consider a car’s pet-friendliness as an important factor in buying a vehicle. If your pet’s safety and comfort is one of your concerns, then you can go for these two Subaru vehicles.

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Green Thumb Makes Subaru a Subaru

In the past few years, Subaru vehicles have been receiving positive press reviews due to their high quality and affordability. Most people would be interested to know, however, that on top of these, Subaru is one vehicle manufacturer that is serious about saving the planet.

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Going Fast: Buying a Subaru for Its Speed

When you’re dropping by the local Subaru dealership for a new car, sometimes you’re just looking for something different. Most car buyers focus on safety and features, but pushing the pedal to the metal can be really tempting. Here are three Subaru models that you might want to buy when you want to burn rubber on the road.

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