Covington, LA Car Dealerships Tout Subaru’s Successful AWD System

Whatever you choose, rest assured that Subaru’s successful AWD will keep you safe on the road, especially Louisiana’s roads. The I-10 and I-12 specifically, both passing through Baton Rouge, are accident areas mainly due to their designs. Subaru cars in many car dealerships in Covington, LA like Baldwin Subaru will surely be put to the test, but certainly nothing they can’t handle.–la-car-dealerships-tout-subaru-s-successful-awd-system.htm


How Many Eyes Does Your Car Have?

As a driver, you always need to look everywhere: behind you, in front of you, beside you, at that other driver trying to pass you, at the people jaywalking near that green light. It’s easy to miss important things that may put your welfare at risk. However, you don’t need another set of eyes to stay safe on the road when your car has these features:

Eyesight Driver Assist

Rearview mirrors are invaluable in letting you know what’s happening behind your car. But you literally can’t keep an eye on everything that’s happening, and having an extra pair monitoring traffic can be a lifesaver. On the Subaru Forester, for example, the eyesight driver assist is mounted on each rear view mirror and allows the car to react to different situations. It issues danger alerts such as straying off one’s lane; in fact, it can even apply the brakes should you fail to respond to the hazard promptly. Continue reading “How Many Eyes Does Your Car Have?”

Want the Safest AWD Vehicle? Head to a Gulfport, MS Subaru Dealership

This is a remarkable feat, since the Legacy is the only AWD sedan competing with other top brands, like the Honda Accord LX and the Ford Fusion FE, at the moment. Still, the accolades that the Legacy has been receiving for quite some time now should be enough to motivate buyers to head to a dealership for Subaru near Gulfport, MS or a similar establishment operated by Baldwin Subaru. In fact, the Legacy is arguably the safest sedan in the world, thanks in part to the upgrades Subaru has been adding to it since 2005, like better airbags, suspension, and drive system.–ms-subaru-dealership.htm

How a New Car can Give Quality Family Time

Taking a drive through exciting locales like Gulfport or New Orleans will expose the family to new cultures. Strolling through unfamiliar streets, sharing delicious food, and having the time for meaningful conversations will definitely get you and your family closer. Driving all over the place using a small, cramped car, however, can be pure torture, especially for those with small kids.

Walking into a dealership and getting a new car may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to family bonding ideas, but if you think about it, you will actually need to get rid of your old, cramped one if you want your family trip to be a success. Continue reading “How a New Car can Give Quality Family Time”

Why Pre-Owned Subaru Cars are Still Good Finds

Not everyone prefers to purchase brand new cars; the latest motor vehicle models may not suit their specific driving needs or the cost may simply not fit their budget. Fortunately, there is a rich market for used cars  in the country—offering a wide variety of options—that can cater to their needs. Those considering to buy used cars can consider getting a pre-owned Subaru as their priority choice.

Here are three good reasons why Subaru cars should be on top of a used car buyer’s shopping list: Continue reading “Why Pre-Owned Subaru Cars are Still Good Finds”

No Lemon Law Coverage for Used Cars in New Orleans Means More Caution

Actually, there is a Lemon Law that covers used cars, but it is only recognized in a very limited number of states, specifically in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York. So for buyers of used cars in New Orleans and elsewhere, they could either do business with a reputable used car dealer like Baldwin Subaru, or take time to do some information gathering themselves to protect against lemon cars.

Get an Award-Winning and Safe Car from Subaru

When one is looking for a car to buy, safety is an important factor that cannot be overstressed. With increases in motor vehicle crashes and accident fatalities recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, people now have even more reason to find a reliable enough car model. One such brand that has proven to be trustworthy in this regard are Subaru cars. Continue reading “Get an Award-Winning and Safe Car from Subaru”