Test-Drive Tips: From the Common to the Weird

Test driving is the ultimate acid test, especially for a used car. For this blog post, let’s focus on driving tips for both conventional and unusual tests.


Tip #1: Map out the driving route, and ideally, do not let the seller direct the trip. You’re both the buyer and the captain of the ship once the test drive begins, as it is your job to feel out the car for yourself.

Tip #2: Choose to drive a mixed route to check out everything related to the car’s handling. Ask yourself: Do the gears shift seamlessly (if it’s a manual)? Does the steering wheel respond well to the touch? Do the wheels wobble? By driving the car along a variety of roads—a wide highway, narrow streets, and occasional bumpy surfaces—you’ll get a good feel of how the car drives.


Tip #1: Slam on the brakes to feel them out. For cars with anti-lock brakes, the pedal must pulse against the feet; if there’s no pulsating movement, there might be a problem. Also, if there’s a grinding noise when the car slows down, new brake rotors might be needed. Of course, these actions must be done with consent of the seller, and tried in a safe place.

Tip #2: For manual cars, shifting into the highest gear is ideal to gauge whether the clutch is due for retirement or is still good to go. If the tachometer quickly climbs while accelerating, the car’s clutch pads must be replaced immediately.


Things to Consider before Trading in your Car

If you want to buy a new car but you just couldn’t find a good buyer for your old one, you might want to opt for trading it in through your local dealership. However, before you drive your old set of wheels for the last time, you should think about taking these measures first to ensure that you get good value out of your trade.

Remove Personal Effects

This is as true for a car purchase or trade-in as it is for real estate. Be sure to remove personal additions, fixtures, and other personal effects in the car, such as bumper stickers and magnets. Keep the car as pristine as it was when you first bought it as the dealership will have to find buyers for your trade-in eventually.

Don’t get Repairs

While you might be tempted to do some last minute repairs in an attempt to jack up the price, this might not be a good idea. Dealerships probably know more about what repairs or improvements your vehicle needs than you do, so you might want to let them make the call. Instead, just be honest about the presence of any mechanical problems in your car.

What to Do before Buying from a Car Dealer

When it comes to car shopping, doing prior research goes a long way before heading out to your local car dealer in New Orleans. Several factors need to be considered before signing any purchasing agreement. Knowing more about which car make and model is just as important as setting a budget range.

To get a good idea of your financial capability, check your credit history. Doing so will help you determine your financing options. A good credit score will earn you enticing interest rates on car loans. However, if you have a bad credit score, don’t give up yet. Some dealers are willing to provide financial aid or loans even for those with bad credit records.

Once you’ve settled financial matters, see if your local dealer has a wide inventory of the type of car or model you have in mind. Be sure to request for a test drive. Asking if you can take the car out for a spin doesn’t only prove to the dealer that you are a serious buyer, but it also gives you a chance to know if you and the car are a good match. You can also bring in a mechanic to examine the car and check for any problems that might come up in the future.

In dire cases, there are dealerships that offer professional auto service and repairs. Sometimes, repairs would involve parts replacement. Thus, look for exclusive car dealers that provide genuine parts for your chosen model.

Buying a car is a learning experience for students

If your folks can spare $2,000 after paying for your college requirements this term, they could score a sweet used ride for you. Imagine the time saved waiting for the bus which could be used for studying or extra-curricular activities. With some spadework and research, it’s possible to buy a reliable car for a couple of grand.

Set your expectations

A car for two thousand dollars will most certainly be well-used, a bit of a fixer-upper, or both. Don’t be put off by high mileage. Certain makes and models can go the distance as long as periodic maintenance is done. Be prepared to spend a little for minor repairs.

Quality behind a name

Before you decide which model to buy, ask family and friends for recommendations, and read consumer. One vehicle that stands out in terms of reliability is the Subaru Outback (1999-2002). Don’t expect this model to have low mileage because Subaru owners usually drive their vehicles for the longest time before agreeing to sell.

Done deal

Once you’ve decided, make sure you request for the car’s maintenance records so you can get an idea of the time remaining till the next check-up. On a different note, many aren’t aware that buying used cars in Baton Rouge from an exclusive dealer may cost a little more, but there’s no speculation about the car’s history. If you’re uncertain about the vehicle’s past, don’t take chances. Talk to a used car dealer instead, and save yourself a world of guesswork.

Go Green with a Crosstrek Hybrid from Subaru Dealers in Baton Rouge

“Protecting the environment doesn’t always mean joining major movements or protest rallies. In fact, one of the simple yet significant things you can do to help preserve natural resources is to drive environmentally friendly cars like hybrids. Fortunately for eco-minded folks, Subaru recently introduced its hybrid offering, the Crosstrek, which is available at Subaru dealers in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and other nearby cities. Don Adair recently wrote a review on the Crosstrek for The Spokesman-Review. Here are some of what he has to say:

“”Standard equipment on all Crosstreks includes heated mirrors, a windshield wiper de-icer, air-conditioning, full power accessories, cruise control, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, heated front seats, a 60/40-split-folding rear seat, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity and 17-inch alloy wheels.”

Tips for Buyers Visiting Car Dealerships in New Orleans, Other Areas

“Calculate a spending budget. It is ideal to get a pre-approved loan before you even walk into any car dealership. Knowing that you have a sure budget to work around with will make it easier for you to negotiate the final price for the car you want. If you have an old car, you might consider trading it in to help ameliorate the costs.

Expect to Negotiate

Shopping in dependable New Orleans car dealerships or those in its surrounding areas, such as Covington’s Baldwin Subaru, which serves nearby cities and communities, can get you to negotiate for better deals. Try to make a counter offer against the sticker price, because as with most reliable car dealers, you’re most likely assured to get good value for your money.”

Reliable Cars: Want a Subaru in Baton Rouge? Meet the 2014 Forester

“First, a 2014 Subaru Forester boasts an all-wheel drive system. This is no surprise for many, but a Forester is the most affordable option if you’re looking for a vehicle that has one. The powerful drive system can be great on the road, but it really shines in adverse conditions like on a snowy day. Driving a Subaru around Baton Rouge ensures that you won’t be stuck anywhere you don’t want to be.

Second, its practical and roomy interior is another noteworthy quality. For a compact SUV, the inside of a Forester is surprisingly spacious. The latest model boasts 41.7 inches of rear-seat legroom, an increase of three inches from its predecessor. Additionally, the maximum cargo space for the back with the back seats folded down is a sizable 74.7 cubic feet. You’ll be assured of enough space, no matter what you’re carrying.”