Why Buying a Sports Car Makes Real Sense

For most people, buying a sports car makes sense—that is, if you’re a millionaire and every sports car there is only come from big-time manufacturers like Lamborghini or Ferrari. But with practical sports cars like Subaru’s BRZ, driving sports cars are technically now within reach; and here’s why you should eagerly reach back.

They’re really economical – To common folk, economically sensible sports cars don’t exist. Or do they? Truth is, sports cars aren’t really gas guzzlers and it’s because of how they’re built—their frames are made from the lightest materials available, allowing them to go faster without consuming much gas.

Excellent driving quality – Due to their lightweight frames, sports cars offer an excellent driving experience. They can perform tighter turns with great ease, accelerate to top speed within seconds, and offer the best handling not present in most “normal” vehicles.

Ultimate bragging rights – Sports car designs are never in second place. Compared to other vehicles, sports cars are in a league of their own when it comes to overall coolness. A sports car is like a mansion in Beverly Hills or the Queen’s Crown—it’s a status symbol.

Sex appeal – Driving an average sedan probably won’t get you a second glance from that beauty jogging on the road. If you have a sports car, it’s a different story. If you’ve heard it said that cameras “add” 10 pounds to whomever they photograph, the same thing goes with sports cars: if you own one, your sex appeal somewhat skyrockets.


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