The Biggest Don’ts when Buying a Used Car

Used car sales typically peak during the summer months. Although you may be raring to own a used car in time for an upcoming road trip this summer, you would do well to avoid certain pitfalls a lot of car buyers commit.

Confusing shopping with buying. In a nutshell, shopping begins when you set aside some time to research everything about prospective vehicles and test drive various cars that catch your attention. Buying, on the other hand, begins the moment you have decided what car you want to purchase and consequently let the dealer know you’re ready to buy it.

Shopping above your budget. Don’t be like other car buyers who pick cars solely on the basis of form and style without regard for practicality. There’s no harm in aspiring for greater things, but your car shopping strategy should be to choose from car models you like and can realistically afford.

Doubting the dealer. Most buyers tend to automatically doubt each and every offer the dealer gives them, not knowing that their offers could actually be good options. This is because some manufacturers know the finance market, making their deals highly competitive compared to a bank’s offer. To be sure, compare every deal being offered to you before proceeding.


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