Why Teens Would Love the Subaru Legacy

If your teenager is old enough to drive, and you’re planning to buy him/her a car for an upcoming birthday, consider the Subaru Legacy. Whether you buy a used or a new vehicle, the Legacy model won’t disappoint. It is highly rated and acclaimed for its safety for teens by institutions like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Teens would even love the Subaru Legacy over other mid-sized sedans for the following reasons.

The Cool Factor

Unlike other drab sedans merely built for function, Subaru made sure they designed the Legacy for utmost visual impact, and the look of the latest version (2015) is the most appealing of all. Aside from a sporty yet chic exterior shell, its cabin is quite roomy and modern (and well-equipped with state-of-the-art infotainment features), which can make you eager to take peers and family for a ride. The quiet yet capable engine may be tame compared to other cars, but it comes with Subaru’s premier all-wheel drive system.

On the Affordable Side

All those features come at a reasonable price in leading Subaru dealerships. If you agree with your teenager that he or she needs to work part-time, or save some of his/her allowance to pay for the monthly financing, it would be easy to fulfill his/her end of the bargain. With good fuel economy (the latest four-cylinders at 30 mpg combined city and highway ratings), the Subaru Legacy will also allow the teen to save on fuel expenses.


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