Green Thumb Makes Subaru a Subaru

In the past few years, Subaru vehicles have been receiving positive press reviews due to their high quality and affordability. Most people would be interested to know, however, that on top of these, Subaru is one vehicle manufacturer that is serious about saving the planet.

Subaru’s Indiana Plant

Most Americans weren’t aware that Subaru’s Indiana plant has been producing vehicles for the masses since 1989, and continues to dedicate itself to the protection of the environment. From being an 832-acre land purchase at the heart of Indiana, the plant has been transformed into a National Wildlife Federation-sanctioned “Backyard Wildlife Habitat” in 2003.

Zero Landfill Status

After being named a wildlife habitat, the employees and executives in Subaru brainstormed for ways to save energy, recycle more waste, and lessen their use of products. A year later, the Indiana plant was named the first U.S. automotive manufacturing plant that achieved zero landfill production status, a distinction that Subaru still holds until this day.

How did the plant achieve this status? Upon entering their plant, one of the first things you’ll notice are the clearly labeled recycling containers. When you look at how they manufacture their vehicles, you’ll see how all of the scrap metal from the stamping shop are collected and melted into smaller parts. All these and more distinguish the production of Subaru vehicles from other automobile manufacturing firms.


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