Going Fast: Buying a Subaru for Its Speed

When you’re dropping by the local Subaru dealership for a new car, sometimes you’re just looking for something different. Most car buyers focus on safety and features, but pushing the pedal to the metal can be really tempting. Here are three Subaru models that you might want to buy when you want to burn rubber on the road.

First, there’s the WRX series. Well-known among rally car drivers, the WRX has seen a lot of changes through the years but it has consistently been one of Subaru’s fastest. The 2015 model can go from zero to sixty in just five seconds—no surprise considering the car has a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine under the hood that can pump out 268 horsepower.

One step beyond the WRX is the WRX STI. It’s bigger and more powerful than the WRX and it beats out the five second acceleration of its little brother by a second. At its fastest, you can be cruising down the highway at upwards of 160 miles per hour.

Finally, there’s the Impreza line. It doesn’t look like a racing car, but it’s got the same performance chops as the WRX STI. Considering that it’s a five-door hatchback, that’s quite an achievement. Buy one of these three to satisfy your need for speed.


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