2016 Subaru Outback: How “Lane Keep Assist” Works

Long drives sometimes cause drivers to go off track due to exhaustion or loss of focus. According to the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around 5% of reported crashes are caused when drivers merge with fast-moving traffic, or change lanes. For enhanced safety, Subaru is adding Lane Keep Assist to its existing EyeSight System for Outback 2016.

At above 40 mph, Lane Keep Assist detects when the vehicle is straying from its proper lane. The feature, accompanied by visual, audible, or vibration warnings, applies a steering assist component, which helps slowly direct the car away from the lane marker. To do this, the car may turn the steering wheel in order to move back. Other times it may need to brake the opposite front wheel to maneuver the car back to the lane. Nevertheless, the driver can easily regain control over the car by taking full control of the steering wheel.

The main purpose of the Lane Keep Assist is to alert the driver to prevent an impending accident, but this amounts to nothing if the driver merely ignores the warning received. Additionally, the system has its speed requirement (40mph up) and only works as long as you hold the steering wheel.

Lane Keep Assist can be activated using a switch on the steering wheel. Other EyeSight active safety technology features that the 2016 model will retain from its predecessor, include forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, and lane departure warning.


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