The Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs at Subaru Dealerships

Fuel efficiency is perhaps of the largest selling point that today’s consumers look for in a car. Nobody really wants to spend a whole lot of money on gas and dirty up the environment in the process. If you’re looking for an SUV with good fuel economy, here are three choices to consider at Subaru dealerships near you.

Subaru XV Crosstek Hybrid

At the top of the list is the first hybrid ever introduced by Subaru in the U.S.—the Subaru XV Crosstek Hybrid. It is the hybrid version of its gas-only counterpart and provides more power due to its all new system. It is rated at 30 mpg or miles per gallon in the city, 34 in the highway, and has a combined rating of 31 mpg.

Subaru XV Crosstek

Moving on to the gas-powered equivalent of the XV Crosstek Hybrid, the Subaru XV Crosstek is more or less the improved, rehashed version of the Impreza but with more to offer when it comes to fuel economy. In the city, it is rated at 26 mpg, 34 mpg in the highway, and 29 mpg as the combined rating.

Subaru Outback

The 2015 Subaru Outback continues to pave the way for more improvements to the line. The new version is now better in terms of fuel economy especially for a vehicle of its size. The Outback is rated at 25 mpg in the city, 33 mpg in the highway, and has a combined 28 mpg rating.


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