Subaru Cars Give the Best Value for your Money

Investing in a car is a great leap, especially since cars generally don’t come cheap. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should simply look for the car with the lowest cost, as you might just end up taking it time and again for repairs. You’ll want to be assured that your investment will not be for naught, especially in the first five years of ownership.


Fortunately, Kelley Blue Book, an industry source relied on by businesses and consumers alike, aids those looking for a worthwhile investment in cars through their annual 5-Year Cost to Own Awards, choosing winners according to the lowest cost-to-own value over a five-year period. For 2015, Subaru is named the top brand, along with Lincoln (which took the Best Luxury Brand title). In citing Subaru for the award, Kelley Blue Book noted the brand’s improved fuel efficiency and reliability in the long term, as well as its improvements in style through its sheet metal, and new infotainment features.


In considering the top makes and brands for the annual awards, Kelley Blue Book took into consideration the depreciation rates, expected fuel costs, maintenance and repair costs, state fees, and finance and insurance fees. With Subaru cars making the cut this year, used car buyers can be assured that this brand will definitely give them the best value for their money.



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