Make a New Used Car Look New

Upon bringing your newly-bought pre-owned car, you certainly are itching to make some major cleanups to totally eradicate the territorial markings of the previous owner, so to speak. Below are things to check for when cleaning your new used car.

  1. Examine the steering wheel and dashboard. Replace it with a new cover if the wheel is worn already. Check the dashboard illumination; sometimes the illumination knob would turn dim without you noticing it. Clean it up so that the speedometer can be read clearly especially at night.

  1. A professional can clean, wash, and polish your car’s interior. Make sure you leave your dashboard, console, vent openings, and cup holders open for cleaning. Have the upholstery thoroughly freed from stains and dusts. Also, stitch or patch up rips to prevent more damage. Use vacuum to get rid of dirt that could be lurking underneath the seats and stuck in the other corners of your car.

  1. Remember that a car’s age is often judged by how dull or shiny it looks. Give your car the flourish it deserves by waxing it after washing and drying. If dust particles are stubborn, then rinse the vehicle with water.

  1. Check the AC. Molds, bacteria, and mildew can accumulate there. Rid the air passageways of dust and filth or anything else that hinders proper air circulation. Replace or clean the filter and use a deodorizer as a finishing touch.


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