Top Reasons to Buy a Crossover

Crossovers and SUVs have both been mistaken for one another. Still, the two types of vehicles are different in their own ways. For one, crossovers are based on a car’s platform, while SUVs are based on a truck’s. If you’re looking to choose between the two, here are a few reasons why you should consider the crossover.

Great looks – Aesthetics are a keen part of most crossovers today. In fact, people are so enamored by the designs of crossovers that a lot of buyers actually separate them from SUVs based on looks entirely. They’re popular because their designs closely resemble the best-looking SUVs, albeit at a more affordable price tag.

More junk in the trunk – People looking for great cargo and riding space but not keen on choosing gas-guzzling SUVs can rest easy with crossovers. Because they’re based on car platforms, they ride and behave like sedans, but feature the cargo space of a full-sized SUV. This essentially means that you can haul more for less.

Good fuel efficiency – The initial car-based designs of crossovers make them much lighter than SUVs, and lighter frames equate to better fuel economy. Additional features like all-wheel drive (present in almost all Subaru crossovers) just adds up to the top-notch fuel efficiency.

Smoother rides – Relying again on their car-based constructions, crossovers offer top-of-the-line riding comfort because of their build. Like sedans, crossovers feature suspensions that almost obscure every road imperfection; allowing for the smoothest ride possible.


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