What is a Crossover Vehicle?

A crossover vehicle is one that resembles an SUV in appearance, but drives like a car. A crossover uses a car’s platform, with the body and frame as one piece. SUVs, meanwhile, use the chassis of a truck, and utilize a body-on-frame design. The construction of a crossover is lighter and more rigid compared to that of an SUV.

Crossovers offer many of the good qualities of an SUV but with the handling and fuel economy of a car. It also loses the big frame and heavy weight of the SUV. Crossovers are perfect for people who’d like a big vehicle but only in the levels of station wagons, minivans, and family cars. For families, it is a good alternative to a sedan, since it drives like one, but has the size to fit every family member.

Generally, the term SUV has been slapped on both crossovers and traditional SUVs. There are still certain vehicles, however, that are truly considered as a crossover vehicle. If unsure, the term ‘SUV’ is still your best bet. Just make sure not to use the term ‘crossover’ on a body-on-frame SUV since those are SUVs in the traditional sense of the term and cannot be called a crossover.


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