Caution: No Lemon Law Coverage for Used Cars

Unfortunately, not all cars dealers sell will last. However, it’s a completely different story if a car is already defective upon purchase. Fortunately, there is the Lemon Law, which is a state law that provides protection for new car buyers against vehicles that repeatedly fail to meet performance and quality standards.

There is also a Lemon Law that covers used cars, but it is only recognized in a very limited number of states. So for buyers of used cars, they could either do business with a reputable used car dealer or take time to gather some information to protect themselves against lemon cars.

Vehicle History Report

This report will confirm the car’s VIN (vehicle information number), and if it has sustained any damage due to hail, flood, fire, or recorded accidents. Lastly, it will show if the car has ever been in used as a taxi or a rental vehicle.

Call for Action Used Car Buyers Guide

Call for Action (CFA) is a consumer advocate group that gathers information about used cars–prices, specs, financing, and even tips on how to inspect them. CFA also serves as advisor to media reporters and researchers working on auto-related segments.


A source of data that is endorsed by CFA, the AutoCheck report includes exclusive auction-announced vehicle inspection details that other reports do not show. This report covers nearly half a million cars that go through the auction process yearly.


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