Get an Award-Winning and Safe Car from Subaru

When one is looking for a car to buy, safety is an important factor that cannot be overstressed. With increases in motor vehicle crashes and accident fatalities recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, people now have even more reason to find a reliable enough car model. One such brand that has proven to be trustworthy in this regard are Subaru cars.

Known for their commitment to road safety, the carmaker continuously and consistently strives to develop unique and economical car technology that would improve not only their car models, but the entire driving experience. Their “Eyesight” Driver Assist Technology, for example, gives drivers an extra set of eyes on the road, thereby giving them a better chance at avoiding crashes. The Symmetrical AWD assures stable car control even in varying driving conditions, while the Driver Assistance Systems lend active support for the drivers when needed.

Subaru’s efforts are also not in vain, as it has been getting recognition even by industry experts. The Japan New Car Assessment Program Advanced Safety Vehicle-Plus, for example, recently awarded top ratings for three of Subaru’s cars: the Levorg, the Forester, and the Subaru XV Hybrid. With advanced features, and coupled with industry recognition, people can certainly expect real value when they purchase Subaru cars.


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