Top Three Cars for Cool Moms

Do you want to break away from the minivan stereotype? Do you want a sleeker ride that both looks and drives impressively? Moms, you don’t have to limit yourself to dull cars or purely utilitarian vehicles when you drive your kids or do errands around town, or when you take trips with the whole family. Here are three viable car choices for cool moms:

  • Subaru Impreza (small car)
  • Subaru Legacy (mid-size sedan)
  • Subaru Forester (crossover SUV)

Moms can definitely enjoy the engine power of these cars. The Forester, most especially, can be a joy to active moms who may have sporty pursuits like off-road trail explorations. Despite that, these cars are pretty fuel-efficient (27 mpg for the Impreza, and 26 mpg for both the Legacy and Forester), which is a plus point for practicality.

The roomy and plush interiors of these cars and the quiet engines (especially for the most recent models) also give you a comfortable driving experience. Additionally, you can use their infotainment systems that you can configure for GPS navigation or music listening.

Most importantly, what makes these three choices perfect for moms is the safety they offer. The most recent models of these vehicles come with Subaru’s much-admired all-wheel drive (AWD), electronic stability control (ESC), and other features that protect you from crashes or collisions, even in poor weather conditions. The newest Legacy and Forester cars can even be equipped with the highly-rated EyeSight driver assist system that further improves your safety on the road.


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