BRZ Identity Crisis

The Subaru BRZ has piqued customers trooping to reputable New Orleans, LA Subaru dealerships looking for the flashiest yet solid rides with the Stars of Pleiades on the front. For the North American market, however, Subaru joined forces with Toyota to produce the sports coupe in two flavors, the other being the Scion FR-S. If you’re a loyal Subaru rider who could be confused about which car to go for, there are ways to properly identify the BRZ.


The BRZ shines well in the handling department. The suspension in the car is made right out of the WRX STi program and helps make a smoother ride in the BRZ, while some Scion FR-S customers have reported vibrations in theirs. The “Toyobaru’s” new two-liter Boxer engine and its positioning as a rear-wheel-drive vehicle helps the BRZ become more attuned to daily driving, especially considering its curb weight of only 2,700 pounds.


Just as twins may have almost identical faces, the BRZ will have slight differences in looks with the FR-S. For instance, the BRZ packs a cleaner-looking front end and a factory-attached spoiler on the back (none on the FR-S). As lights go, the BRZ sports HID headlights with LED running lamps plus fog lamps on the upper trim.


The BRZ may turn out to be your car in creature comforts. The car packs smart-key ignition and an engine button, plus auto climate control. Its Alcantara seats are ready to snug you in.


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